School Break Ninja Warrior Camp

Inspired by the TV show "American Ninja Warrior", children will participate in exciting obstacles including quad steps, spider walk, cargo net, trampoline, slackline, wall climbs, rope swing and more! We will work to build upper body strength, generate momentum, increase endurance, work on grip strength, and, best of all, build courage as we test their limits with physical feats that are both challenging and fun. Held during the December, February, and April school breaks.
Ninja Camp Pick Up Authorization 2017_1.pdf
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AM Summer Camp

Our all new AM Camp "Made to Move" features American Ninja Warrior style obstacle training in the gym and experiences with literature, yoga, creative movement, and action art. Our children are Made to Move, and the sedentary nature of the school day leaves our children wanting more action! Rolly Pollies is the place to move! Endurance, strength, agility, fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, body control and mindfullness is the key to our incredibly active AM Camp this year

PM Summer Camp

PM Camp combines learning, science and art with different weekly themes and lots of play time in the gym!
Dinosaurs & Volcanoes, Superheroes, Music and Instruments are just some of the exciting themes we have this year!