PM Camp Themes

Sensory Play Camp

East Amherst: July 20th - July 23rd
Orchard Park: August 31st - September 3rd
North Buffalo: August 10th - August 13th

Sensory Summer Camp is a tactile and sensory extravaganza! This camp will focus on creating a Super Sized Sensory Bin! Campers will create and play with a variety of sensory and tactile learning experiences from sensory rice, snow, water beads, slime, noodles, and various materials to take home with them for even more learning. Campers will read recipes, measure, and learn about tools, techniques, and safety! Games and group competitions in the gym will ensure we all have fun! (We are a nut free facility and allergy friendly.)

Olympics Camp

East Amherst: July 13th - July 16th
Orchard Park: August 24th - August 27th
North Buffalo: August 3rd - August 6th

Are you waiting to see if we will have the Olympics this year?  Rolly Pollies will!  Do your children dream of becoming a future Olympian?  We are training athletes and all stars every day!  Test your skills and learn some new ones too as we bring the excitement and fun of the Olympics to Camp!

Slime Camp

East Amherst: July 6th - July 9th
Orchard Park: August 17th - August 20th
North Buffalo: July 27th - July 30th

Is your child slime obsessed? Do they love making squishy, squeezy, messy concoctions? Join us for Slime Camp and dive into a new slime filled world every day. Measuring, following a recipe, incredible sensory and fine motor skill activities and of course free play in the gym are the highlights of this camp!  Not your everyday slime, we are making color-changing slime, glow in the dark slime, slime with all kinds of accessories!  Different materials, ingredients, and consistencies are explored using our tried and true recipes!

Jurassic Camp

East Amherst: August 17th - August 20th
Orchard Park: July 27th - July 30th
North Buffalo: July 6th - July 9th

Do you have a dinosaur lover at home? Explore the wild prehistoric world of dinosaurs and learn about and create erupting volcanoes this summer at Rolly Pollies! This camp is always a favorite and books up quickly!  Science experiments, history, literature, and arts combine to make this camp one of our most exciting!

Junior Surgeons Camp

East Amherst: July 27th - July 30th
Orchard Park: July 6th - July 9th
North Buffalo: August 17th - August 20th

Make no bones about it, this camp is all about the exciting world inside our bodies. Your aspiring little doctor will really have a pulse on the human body with this camp. We’ll learn how to keep ourselves healthy as we see how germs travel. Learn about bones and muscles and the different systems that keep you running...and jumping and laughing.

Lost in Space Camp

East Amherst: August 3rd - August 6th
Orchard Park: July 13th - July 16th
North Buffalo: August 24th - August 27th

Get lost in Space with us!  Campers will explore our galaxy and solar system through math, science, and art activities!  Come have a blast with us this Summer!

Pendulum Action Camp

East Amherst: August 10th - August 13th
Orchard Park: July 20th - July 23rd
North Buffalo: August 31st - September 3rd

Pendulums create mesmerizing geometric art!  We will explore the science behind pendulums using the scientific method and create pendulum masterpieces both large and small.  We will be building pendulums and exploring them with magnets and other forces, and our artists will swing their way from the art room to the gym!

Buffalo Fans Camp

East Amherst: August 24th - August 27th
Orchard Park: August 3rd - August 6th
North Buffalo: July 13th - July 16th

Let's break some tables, dance to the shout song, practice our Bandits chants, hang out with Buster, and get ready for the games with our Bills Fans.  We will play our versions of hockey, football, baseball, and lacrosse as we work our way to becoming super fans!

Nature Camp

East Amherst: August 31st - September 3rd
Orchard Park: August 10th - August 13th
North Buffalo: July 20th - July 23rd

Plants, gardening, rock painting, sand art, flower arranging, bug catching, and loads of art projects!  Your nature lover will enjoy exploring our loose parts play and Montessori based practical play activities!  Join us for the week and leave with a green thumb!