Gym Classes for Kids

The following class levels are simply a recommendation of the developmental age for which our professional curriculum is written. However, at Rolly Pollies, we appreciate the fact that all children develop on their own schedule. Therefore, you are encouraged to try any class that you feel would be developmentally appropriate for your own child. We are more than happy to assist you in this process!

4 Months-Walking

(Parent - Child Class)

Starting at $9.00 per class

Our Caterpillars class for children 4 months to walking is centered around group activities including singing, games, instructor led discussions and individual activity stations. Children will be crawling, sliding, hanging, swinging, and tumbling all for the very first time! Safely explore your child's natural abilities, assisting, bonding with and encouraging them as they grow and develop right in front of your eyes! Meet and learn from other parents and introduce your children to their first friends.

45-minute class.
Caterpillars Class Schedule

Walking - 23 Months

(Parent - Child Class)

Starting at $19.00 per class

Children develop gross motor skills through walking, jumping, climbing, hanging, rolling, singing, dancing and moving with each other. Social interaction is emphasized and encouraged as children make new friends and incorporate physical activity into their lives.

This child lead program incorporates singing, dancing, games and activity stations in a semi-structured format.

45-minute class.
Bumblebees Class Schedule

24 - 36 Months

(Parent - Child Class)

Starting at $19.00 per class

Motor skills, gymnastics and tumbling activities, singing, dancing, and following two step directions are highlighted in this child lead class! Your child will begin to build the confidence and self-esteem they will need as they grow with you and some new friends at their side!

45-minute class.
Butterflies Class Schedule

2 1/2 thru 3 Years Old

(Parent - Child Class)

Starting at $19.00 per class

Listening, comprehension and socialization skills are emphasized in this high energy class! Structure in the Beetles class increases as we begin to learn cooperative games, receive small group instruction at tumbling stations, and separate a bit from our caregivers.

The 2 1/2 thru 3 year old program builds an instructional bridge between our toddler and pre-school programs adding socialization activities and instructor lead activities to build confidence and independence.

45-minute class.
Beetles Class Schedule

4 thru 6 Year Olds

(Parent Optional Class)

Starting at $19.00 per class

Our Gymbugs™ are now skilled tumblers, climbers and swingers! More difficult gymnastics and movement activities are now in place, focusing on improving physical awareness, strength, flexibility and confidence! Parent Optional classes are instructor lead and help our Gymbugs™ perform more advanced activities independently from their parents/caregivers in a nurturing class atmosphere.

45-minute class.
Grasshoppers Class Schedule

Ninja Obstacle Training

6 - 9 Year Olds

(Child-Only Class)

Starting at $19.00 per class

Inspired by the TV show "American Ninja Warrior", children will participate in exciting obstacles including quad steps, spider walk, cargo net, trampoline, slackline, wall climbs, rope swing and more! We will work to build upper body strength, generate momentum, increase endurance, work on grip strength, and, best of all, build courage as we test their limits with physical feats that are both challenging and fun.

45-minute class
Ninja Obstacle Training Schedule

Open Play

4 months thru 9 Year Olds

(Parent- Child Program)

$12.00 for the first hour, $6.00 each additional hour

Mondays - Fridays from 1:00 - 4:00 Please check our current schedule for closings. Open Play time does not require reservations or membership! This drop-in program is the perfect opportunity to bring your children for play time with a purpose! Being FIT is the focus. This program has pay as you go and monthly passes for members and non-members.

Pricing per hour.
Open Play Schedule