This is our first week at Rolly Pollies. We've gone to two gym classes and one Art class. I am blown away by the things my two year old daughter has done. She came in as this very shy little girl. Now watching her fill with pride as she swings across the foam pit on the rope, or glide through the air on the zip cord, or walk across the balance beam with no problem have been some of the most rewarding and fulfilling moments I've had as her Mom. I am so proud of the things she has accomplished in only one week's time. I'm having so much fun watching her challenge herself. Not as much fun as she is having doing it, but it is something I wish every parent could experience through the eyes of their child. I can't stop talking about this place. Thank you Rolly Pollies for welcoming us with open arms and for treating our children as if they were your own money WELL spent!

My grand-daughter LOVES going to Rolly Pollies! There are so many great activities and so many friends to see!! She really develops her motor skills, her balance, her strength, her ability to share. This is a fabulous place for kids!!

Our daughter turned 2 in July and has been going to Rolly Pollies for almost a year. She LOVES it! From the very first class we could see the progress in her jumping, rolling, balance, and much more. She also loves the songs and is learning how to follow direction. She loves Rolly Pollies, and so do we!

Rolly Pollies is wonderful! I can't say enough things about it. Cayden and Haylee love it. Hard to believe we've been going there for 3 year now!! WOW. And thanks to all the wonderful teachers and Jim and Danielle for all your hard work. We love you guys!

Dylan has learned so much at Rolly Pollies over the past year. He loves his teachers and all the new friends he's made!

We LOVE Rolly Pollies! Nathan started out shy, and wouldn't leave my side without crying. By the end of the second session, he was playing and having fun with the other kids. I can't say enough about the teachers - they worked with Nathan through his most difficult time. We even made some friends, and have had a fe...w playdates with other classmates. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! :)

Charlie and I are so fortunate to have the staff of Rolly Pollies in our lives! You guys are the greatest! We started out with one gym class and now are there at least 3 times a week!

Our children, aka beloved monkeys, have enjoyed Rolly Pollies for years. I have been especially impressed with
the owners and staff at how able they are to get even the most reluctant child to "come out" and play.

These classes have been the best investment I have yet to make in my child's development. We both look forward to each class -She has fun and I enjoy watching her progress both physically and in her confidence level.
- Kari

This is a wonderful introduction to more formal class instruction while keeping the emphasis on fun and exercise.
- Catherine

Jacob LOVES Rolly Pollies. Playing with the roller-car has taught him how to take turns and share. He's learned a lot from the classes at Rolly Pollies, we can't wait to continue watching him grow and learn there!!!

Brenna and James absolutely LOVE Rolly Pollies! They think the world of their teachers! Thank you Mr. Jim, Miss Danielle, Miss Jen and Miss Stephanie for always making them feel so special!

Robert just loves Rolly Pollies. He is always so excited to see his friends and play with all the cool equipment. He loves to watch and listen to Mr. Jim sing. I can't say enough great things abou Rolly Pollies.

We are writing to thank you for all that you have done to make our family transition a better one. We moved from Fl. a couple of months ago to a place where we were not familiar. I had questions of doctors, schools, and fun things to do with kids, aside from Rolly Pollies of course! Your staff was more than helpful, offering suggestions always with a smile and never making me feel that I was taking up too much time……Rolly Pollies is more of a neighborhood community center than just a great gym to bring our kids. Thank you all for your support and keep up the great work. You have a TERRIFIC thing going on here.
- Fondly, The Caruso Family

Dean loves the bounce house. I can't believe how quickly he learned to climb those stairs. He recently started to go down the slide on his bottom too (rather than his belly). He has learned and grown so much at Rolly Pollies.

We love Rolly Pollies!!! Madison loves doing all the different activities
you have set up each week. She asks all the time if we can go to RP. The teachers are AWESOME, facility is clean, and classes are full of activities, singing, jumping, bouncing & fun,
fun, fun! Can't wait to come and play again on Monday morning! We ♥ RP!
- Michelle

Aurora received a "gift certificate" from her grandparents for her 2nd birthday to use at Rolly Pollies. She had more fun hopping along on the 30 foot trampoline while watching herself in the mirror than anything. Initially she was tepidatious when peering in over the ledge of the foam pit, but with a switft, but oh ...so gentle push from mom and a catch from dad buried deep in the foam blocks, she soon became an unstoppable superhero divebombing her daddy!

Layla loves this class. She would go everyday if she could!
- Sara

My son really looks forward to coming to Rolly Pollies every week. I've seen a lot of improvement in his coordination, balence and self confidence.
- Howard

"My child and I have looked forward to coming to Rolly Pollies every week! She is two and gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot!"
- Heather

Ms Jennifer's energy and connection with the kids is fabulous. She is attuned to what is developmentally appropriate and keeps things moving.
- Angie

Jennifer is absolutely wonderful and really gets everyone involved. Jack talks about the class all week long.
- Laura

I am amazed at how much stronger my child is as a result of his time at Rolly Pollies. We have been coming to Rolly Pollies for nearly 2 years and the difference in his strength and self confidence are truly remarkable.
- Annie

My daughter has been going to Rolly Pollies since they opened in Orchard Park. The programs they offer are great, she was 2 years old and learning to balance and jump and be part of a group. We love Rolly Pollies so much that her birthday parties the last 2 years where there. You get the ENTIRE gym to yourself-- just the birthday girl/boy and the party-goers-- Who else offers you that?The establishment is clean, the staff is friendly, the programs are engaging.Mr. Jim(the owner)is a family favorite, my daughter loves seeing him out in the community and loved seeing him each week for class. If you have younger kids or toddlers, I highly recommend Rolly Pollies. It was a wonderful experience for us over the last 4 years.
-Jennifer B

I heard about Rolly Pollies through a Mom group on Facebook, and I'd also driven past it and wondered what it was. I decided to check out the website and found out they offer a trial class for Caterpillars (babies ages 6 months to walking). So, I decided to give it a shot and I called to make arrangements for my 7 month old baby. They were super friendly and informative on the phone and it was no problem at all to get my son signed up for the classthat accommodates my schedule. We've been going now for 4 weeks and we LOVE it!!! It's so clean and such a fun environment. My son absolutely loves when I bounce with him on the trampoline! I think it's really good for him to be around the other babies and it's definitely nice for myself to be around the other parents (in the caterpillars class, the babies are accompanied by an adult). We love playing with all the different equipment. Last week, we used a little staircase (it's made of a squishy material, like most of the things are in there) and encouraged the baby to climb it. He wasn't able to get up it on his own, but that was the first we ever introduced something like that to him. The next day, I watched him discover the stairs in our house and he figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position! He's been working very hard on standing all the time lately now! I feel like all of the different activities that we do at Rolly Pollies really help him to advance in his development. They also give little sheets every week with some suggested "homework" and it's fun to have things to work on at home. I'm so glad we signed up for this class and we will definitely be coming back after this 9 week trial class is over! I would definitely recommend the Caterpillar class to anyone with a baby that isn't walking yet. It's so much fun! It looks like it will just get even funner as he gets bigger too!!!!
-Jamie C

Great place for kids, staff are excellent! Highly rate it. Tried another kids gym in Buffalo no where near as good as Rolly Pollies.
-Linda P

Fantastic place for children, very clean and safe. My son loves it here, Miss Jen and Miss Amy are great and take the time to play with every child.
-Victoria P

This is absolutely kid friendly, clean and fun! My son loves Miss Jen and Miss Amy! He loves it so much!
-Sarah H

My family loves Rolly Pollies in Orchard Park! The staff is so very friendly and welcoming, and my children have excelled in their development after taking classes there. I would recommend to everyone if you need a fun thing to do with your children in the Winter months, as well as all year long!
-Mary C


We just love Rolly Pollies! We celebrated Cole's 2nd birthday, enjoyed lots of parties, and have had so much fun at classes every week. So many precious memories, Thanks Rolly Pollies!

I could not attend, but my daughter said she was never happier with a kids' party than she was with this. She kept repeating to me that everything was perfect and she could not have wished for better. She praised the girls working the party; she said many parents commented how wonderful it was and that they were going to have their child's party there. For my part, dealing with Jim and Luke on the phone was pleasant and efficient. Last but not least, the kids had a blast.

All in all, A plus for all. Thank you very much.

-Grandma Mary

Birthday parties at rolly pollies are the best! Kudos!

Rolly Pollies was very clean and organized. The staff were great with every single child in my party. The staff also were great giving out instructions to help the kids play and be safe. The site was different play environment as well. The kids did all types of things to help with their gross motor skills. I wish I was small again because I knew I would have a splendid time. I will definitely be back.
-Gary T

The staff were soooo friendly, the place center was clean, and my children and guests had a wonderful time.
-Alicia D


This is the best music class we've ever had- we've tried all the programs in the area.
- Heather

We love Rolly Pollies! Meghan even took her first steps in Miss Mary's Music Class.

Creative Arts

We loved the creativity, music, diversity of activities, small groups, and reading integrated into art. It was a wonderful experience.
- Jennifer

It is great for the imagination of the children.
- Julie